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Whether you are planning an outdoor celebration in the backyard or a living room Oscars viewing party, you’re going to need some snacks to keep guests feeling satisfied between meals. Unfortunately, when you’re stuck with boxes of microwave cotton and prepackaged candies, it leaves a lot to the imagination and disappointed attendees.

Instead, Bounce House Las Vegas offers the best in concessions, accessories, and more. Whether you’re in the mood for freshly cooked popcorn, newly spun cotton candy, or a tasty snow cone on a hot day, we make it all simple with our concessions rentals.

No matter what age of guests you have or how many people, you’ll find a fun and exciting way to get tummies and smiles full. Our rentals are as fun to watch as they are to enjoy, and you can look forward to continuous flows of snacks for longer.

Choose us for your best selection of concessions rentals in Las Vegas and keep your crowd fully satisfied. It’s hard to beat classic snacks and on-site creations with our affordable concessions.

concession machine rentals las vegas

Concessions Rentals Near Me

When you are already going to spend the majority of the event in the kitchen, you can’t get held responsible for snacking between full meals. And when other guests were supposed to bring their own food to the party, it makes life that much more frustrating.

Instead, you can keep your guests from getting hangry with fun and unique food carts that harken back to fun state carnivals and simpler times. From old-timey popcorn snack carts to whimsical soap bubbles, we can help you find the right mix of offerings.

Whatever your party needs to remain at its best all day, we provide all the rentals you need the most. Contact us for your best concessions rental options, including:

  • Snowcone Machines
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Nacho Machines
  • And Concession Rentals.

Whether you intend to set up a designated eating area or you just want to leave guests to fend for themselves, our carts and snack machines remain the best solution for more parties. Why settle for a bag of potato chips when we make snacking fun again?

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Don’t get stuck purchasing an expensive food cart, we offer affordable rentals for any event.
Call us at Bounce House Las Vegas to rent your food concessions stands today.

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